March 12, 2012 § 4 Comments

This morning I’m wondering, what happened to my husband?


where is he?


did I forget to get one?

I would like to respire, reflect

The waves

That are reaching me on this poignant right side which is sunk

Against the twill and my dynamic past,

With my mouth fitted dully around a taut grisly nipple.

And to not have it mean anything, remotely:

Especially not not brushing me away,

(she is drawn by a mark which wasn’t there earlier)

– where are you my insouciant love

who knows?


§ 4 Responses to Nipple

  • brioesque says:

    but in context, a nipple is never just a nipple. otherwise it would be useless in a literary sense obv.

    insouciant is an interesting word choice. a great, seldom used word but the (perhaps long drawn?) implication is of seeking, of some kind of female forcefulness in regards to the ‘husband’ or any similar male role. in these lines (imo obv), it reads as a prevarication between the childish desire for the comfort of a suckling mother, no matter how unwelcoming and ‘grisly’ it is, and a more ephermeral desire for adulthood in terms of a specifically ‘adult’ relationship. so what wins out? what is actually desired in real terms?

    lolol totes drunken analysis, ie. bulldust. apologies, apologies, a-po-logies.

  • brioesque says:

    aigoo, did you edit (god, i love the ability to edit) or have I gone mad?

  • I am definitely not literary.

  • I don’t know what it means – I can’t remember what men are like 😦

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