Stress About My Stupid Little Lifey

May 12, 2012 § Leave a comment


I hate standing in their lines, dealing with their cretins, but I tell you what, it has been so much better under this government and I don’t know how or why, maybe Amanda Vanstone was coming around and touching the backs of their legs with a burning iron before. Seems likely.  However:

If Abbott gets elected I am personally fucked.  Gillard actually made a number of changes to the education system which eased the burden of Howard’s previous reforms.  Getting rid of up front fee paying places was a start, (though the compensation for unis is still on the way) and the new student fee arrangements look like a reasonable attempt to re-establish campus life without further burdening already burdened students.  She was also going to pay AUSTUDY for all Masters Coursework courses which would have put some flexibility back into the system, after Howard introduced “allowable time”, ostensibly to stop ‘perpetual students’.  However for the small number of these that there were we lost an awful lot options for changing courses and careers.  The real loser out of this agenda, as well, was the humanities or the classic “liberal” education, since fewer and fewer people would choose such a degree if there was no option to do a second qualification.  This is an insidious way of making the electorate more conservative, and it made the lives of a lot of people, including myself, directly more difficult.  Anyway, given that Abbott is planning on reintroducing fee paying places we can be assured that the rest of the program will be discarded, which means that I can’t do journalism unless something spectacular happens like a loan from one of my parents. Considering they are just divorced and struggling to pay for houses I think this is very, very unlikely.  So I could be leaving uni with no professional qualification at all.  This is sadly preoccupying.  See you tomorrow maybe for some birthday reflections.


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