The Corners

July 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Funny after all these years

We still talk like getting in the corners,

And I know you – we grew around each other;

We never seem to touch.

You used to be the one;

Before we made each other colder, loner,

We tried it in the spotlight, squinting –

You used to be the one.

We don’t always have to talk, my

Eyes are on the tiny bits of grey

Which seem so queer and out of place;

I remember your black hair.

We never seemed to touch,

Even when you must have been there,

What is touch, oh what is touch?

I must have known you’re not the one.



July 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

We all become what we hate.  I bought a battery operated air freshener.  I had to because UNSW has conspiratorially provided me with a room that smells like an old aquarium while charging $2 a go to wash said smell out of my clothes.

Ah, the aquarium.  I loved staring at it at mum’s. It took me right away from all this here, like a neural massage with funky evolved bodies. When the neighbours’ cat came into mum’s yard I suggested that she go around and throw as much fish shit as she could dredge out of the aquarium at their car.  See, being fish, rabbit and bird people puts us in direct conflict with cat people. Such an act would merely be a logical extension of their clearly outlined and frankly aggressive – in a first strike notion of the term – neighbourhood ethics.  Mum says she likes people and wants to get along with people, though, so, whatever.  I don’t understand it.

Everybody has somebody. Everybody who matters, right?  Here are some choices:

1.  Develop a Pavlovian relationship with one or more internet pornography sites.

2.  Accept that your romantic and sexual life is, and has long been, a wounded freefall over a late-autumn tundra. Forget it, in the same way you forget that your ambitions as an artist are in largely the same condition, by convincing yourself you never wanted it at all.

3.  Have a weird non-sexual relationship with a mutedly despised ex, that involves awkward, loveless co-dependency, raging immaturity and snorkelling.

4.  Start a blog.

The air freshener going off is scaring the shit out of me.

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